Spy-coins.com: MicroNickel

Luckily I had some "Confidential" stamped envelopes lying around for this picture
If the Dead Drop Spike isn't enough we got another covert concealment device from my friends over at Spy-Coins.com. This item is known as the MicroNickel. Spies in the past have used this same concept to pass or conceal Micro Films. These concealment coins are machined from ACTUAL coins. So they are indistinguishable when closed. When the Micro SD  card is in the coin; the weight is almost identical to an actual nickel. It can be carried amongst loose change and no one would know the difference.
With today's technology; we now have a way to carry even more information in hollow coins than micro film. As seen above, the MicroNickel is designed to carry a Micro SD card. Micro SD cards can carry tons of information and pictures-up to 32gb.

Two rings are also included to open the nickel. That way two people transferring information can open the coins. This also ensures the coins cannot be opened by anyone that's not supposed to have access to the information inside.

The other thing we like about the opening rings, is that they look like real rings. That way you can have them on your person at all times.

Your only limited to your imaginations with this MicroNickel. Instead of having your USB's locked away in your safe, this would be a safer way to store your sensitive information. By storing all files in the Micro SD card and then store it in the MicroNickel, your material will remain safe. 

Get yours at: http://www.spy-coins.com/producthtm/micronickle.htm


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