Never die from Hypothermia again

Escape Bivvy
If you have never taken your space blanket out and tried to use it, go ahead and do it now....Ok, disappointed yet?

Space blankets leave much to be desired. They don't really cover your body totally, and you cant seal the gaps. This allows painful cold wind and condensation inside. Oh, and has the irritating noise damaged your ear drums?

Survive Outdoors Longer (SOL) has developed a few products that pretty much decimate the good ol' space blanket.
About the size of a 32oz Nalgene Canteen
We will start of with the SOL Escape Bivvy, this product is new for 2012. Its a waterproof bivvy that reflects body heat and that is wind/waterproof. Another really awesome feature is that it's breathable-meaning that you will stay dry.

It's made from a super rugged spunbonded olefin fabric with a metalized coating. It can be used over and over again. Weighing about 8.5oz and measuring 84" x 36", there is more than enough room for a decent sized man to fit in the bivvy and be comfortable.
Another feature we like is the draw cord closure. This will help capture the heat and keep the wind/cold out. Try and find a space blanket that can do this.
There is also a rugged zipper on one side to facilitate getting in and out. Or if your placing another sleeping bag inside the bivvy.

This product is packed with features. This bivvy can also be used with your current sleep system (sleeping bag or hammock).  This is definitely something you want to take with you in the back country. (MSRP $50)

SOL Emergency Bivvy

This is a lighter weight and cheaper alternative. SOL has updated the Space blanket bags from back in the day. But SOL's Emergency Bivvy has a coating so they seem more durable and not near as loud.  Coming in just at 3.8oz; making it easy to carry just about everywhere. It also measures the same as the Escape Bivvy; so there is more than enough room. 
Unlike other space bags, these seams are reinforced-as shown in the picture above. We also like the stuff sack that comes with it, so that the bivvy can be packed and reused. (MSRP $17)

SOL Emergency Blanket

Pretty much a blanket made from the same material as the Emergency Bivvy. These are much quieter and more durable than conventional mylar blankets.  These are designed for one person and can be used as a blanket. It can also be used for different sheltering options. We also like the fact it can be used to signal for help with the exterior being bright orange. There also is survival and first aid instructions printed on the blanket. (MSRP $4.50)

In conclusion, I hope you are discouraged from freezing to death trying to use a mylar space blanket. I personally will never pack another; as long as SOL continues trying to keep us warm with the products listed above.


  1. Never die from hypothermia again... umm how many lives do you have? I'm pretty sure I can only die of hypo (or anything for that matter) once. That being said I really think I'm going to add the escape bivy to my mother's day wish list... right up their with my survival hatchet. (it's a one-of-a-kind list, no flowers or candies for this momma!)

  2. Right on...its an awesome bivy; that will give you years of service. A hatchet is a versatile tool...I plan on discussing this in future post. Thanks