Shomer-Tec Coin Handcuff Key

One of the most innovative E&E tools right now is the Coin Handcuff Key offered by Shomer-Tec. This key was developed for an Elite U.S. unit operating in a high risk area that needed a discreet escape and evasion option.

Throw this coin key with a few other coins and stash in your rear pocket. A few coins doesn't seem as it would pose a threat. As most E&E tools are hidden on your person, this key is actually hidden in plain sight. When items are hidden in plain sight they are usually overlooked by captors.

By running your finger along the edge of the coin the internal key pivots out. I've tried it from behind the back and it is extremely easy. Using the coin as the handle actually made it easier than using a standard handcuff key.

So whether you are serving in a high risk area or you just want to feel like James Bond; check them out at Shomer-Tec.


  1. Wow! Ingenious, and might even save your life one day