Jack's Pocket Dump

Here is my pocket dump. I'm not a guy who likes to carry a bunch of stuff in my pockets. These are the items I have on me 99% of the time. Why do I not carry more you ask? Because in my day to day life I don't need a tactical flashlight in my back pocket or a lot of other items I see people carrying. Nor do I carry a lighter for one I don't smoke and I rarely need to start fires at a moments notice. I don't like carrying unnecessary items and making myself uncomfortable all day.

As we go along I will go into my different tiers. This is my first tier, the bare essentials.

  • Cell phone (not pictured)
  • Front pocket Wallet: containing Cash, I.D.'s, Debit/Credit cards, and Lock Pick card. After spending some time in sketchy 3rd world countries, I prefer to use  a front pocket wallet to discourage pick pockets.
  • Keys along w/ handcuff key 
  • Photon micro light (all the light that I would usually need)
  • Benchmade Griptilian (I swap between this and Emerson CQC-7B) I also carry my tactical folder clipped in my rear pocket, instead of my front. I do this because its easier to pull stuff in and out of my front pocket. This also makes it difficult to be seen and you cannot see if facing me straight on.
As I stated in my previous article you have to adapt your EDC to your life. What works for me may not work for you. I may adapt and change depending on my daily task. But if I go a few days without needing something; I stop carrying it because I obviously don't really need it.

The next article I will talk about my EDC bag (then wilderness EDC). In my EDC bag I cover a lot of bases and somewhat may go overboard, but that's the purpose of an EDC bag. Right?

If you guys email us a picture of your EDC and description with reason behind your gear, we will post it here on Black Scout. Send emails to jack@blackscoutsurvival.com

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