T.A.D. Survival Spark

One bullet, Two tangos down. That's Triple Aught Design's Survival Spark. This is T.A.D.'s remix of the Spark-Lite from Vietnam. Small yet seemingly indestructible and very clean design also does double duty as a sewing kit.

The Survival Spark came in a logo stamped envelope shown above. That just shows the attention to the details expressed by Triple Aught Design. The plastic case it came in (similar to a drill bit case) is very tough and branded with the T.A.D. logo. I immediately threw the case in water and it floated. I submerged the case and it finally started taking on water. This can easily be remedied by using electrical tape to seal the case. The case can also be attached by lanyard or carabiner.

The kit also came with 4 Tinder Quik tabs and room to add many more. T.A.D. was spot on with their decision because you really can't ask for better tinder than the Tinder Quik tabs.

I was blown away at the amount of sparks it spit as I flicked the wheel. I was able to light some natural tinder. Made from Solid brass billet and with the ability to replace the flint, this is one fire starting tool that will last a lifetime.

Replacing the flint is easy. Just unscrew the knurled handle at the bottom and remove the guts (spring/buffer) - then just add standard Zippo flint.

 The Survival Spark has a special cavity cut into the shaft to hold a  sewing needle. (There is a needle in the cavity pictured to the left)

The next step in the sewing kit mod is to wrap the shaft with thread. Wrapping the thread on the Survival Spark was made easy with help from a power drill. 
We then used electrical shrink wrap, as suggested, to cover the thread. Heating the shrink wrap with a Bic lighter seemed to be the quickest and easiest method. 

I've read a few comments elsewhere saying the sewing kit isn't user friendly on the Survival Spark. Yes, this is true if you need to make minor repairs in a controlled environment. But in a survival situation it's an excellent method of storage. Its secure, out of the way, and it's there when you need it.

The Survival Spark has quickly become one of our favorites here at Black Scout. This is one of the most durable and reliable mechanical fire starters out there. Triple Aught Design continues to impress- purchase yours at: http://www.tripleaughtdesign.com/Equipment/Tools/Survival-Spark


  1. OVER. PRICED. PERIOD. Just because something is "survival" related does not mean it is ok to gouge people. The same thing, without the sewing kit or their "attention to detail" bag can be had IN BRASS, like theirs for $5.00.

  2. It may be over priced to some. If it is out of someones disposable income then I would agree go buy a cheaper option. Cheap survival gear can always be had and if you would like to purchase it; we have no hard feelings against you for that being your preference. However, we ask for the same courtesy for those that would like to purchase high quality items. If someone would like to buy a $20 firestarter then by all means they should have that freedom. We personally like this becaue of the sewing kit addition and replacable flint option. However I am a firm believer in Bic lighters (very cheap effective firestarter). But as with anything some folks don't like them. But on a similar note: why do people purchase BMW's when an '82 Datsun will transport them to the same place. PREFERENCE!

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