SAS Survival Button Compass

One of my personal favorite button compasses is the SAS survival button compass. This is brass bodied, dry, illuminated compass. This compass has made itself a reputation, being used in WWII by the OSS and RAF pilots. When captured this compass would even be swallowed to aid in escape later on.  Also were sewn into uniforms or clothes to be used later.

What I like about this compass other than its rugged construction, is that its dry and will not freeze or develop bubbles on you like many other compasses. I chose this compass for my Personal Survival kit. One problem I will note is they have no attachment points. Being 15mm about 1/2" it could be lost fairly easily. My remedy to that is I have it in a small plastic bag in my Personal Survival kit. 

The luminous dots are excellent with a quick blast of a flashlight. 2 dots for north and 1 dot for south. I've read it works quite well in both North and South hemispheres which is a problem with other button compasses. The operating temperature is -40C to +55C which is an extreme tempature range.
NSN #6605 99 522 0223. It's a little steep for a button compass. Coming in just at $35-$40. I believe its worth every dime and would bet my life on it.

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