Pak-Lite Review

Pak-Lite Super Glow and Camo Flasher
It was my pleasure to review the Pak-Lite 9V LED Flashlight. The Pak-Lite flashlight was invented by a 15 year old boy, Benjamin, from Southern Oregon. His older brother, Barclay, needed a small, lightweight flashlight to take on a hiking trip from Mexico to Canada, and he didn't want to carry any extra batteries or bulbs. The Pak-Lite was able to last Barclay the whole trip on the Pacific Crest Trail. Pak-Lites are now being used around the world by the US Military, FEMA, the American Red Cross, and Military Survival Instructors.

The Pak-Lite flashlight is a small piece that attaches on to any 9V battery. The LED bulbs are guaranteed to last 100,000 hours, so you will never need to replace them. The models that I tested were: the Pak-Lite Super Glow and the Pak-Lite Flasher - which both retail at $24.99.

 The Pak-Light Super Glow has a glow in the dark housing with low and high setting modes. The low light setting will last 600 hours with an alkaline battery and 1,200 hours with a lithium battery. The high setting will last 30 hours with an alkaline battery and 80 hours with a lithium battery. I have ran the Super Glow on high for at least 40 hours now, and it is still going strong. I also subjected it to cold weather, at 20 degrees Fahrenheit, for 8 hours with no sign of damage to the light. This flashlight has a strong glow that can be found if dropped in the wilderness or to be found easily in a dark room.
Notice how strong the glow feature is in complete darkness
I also tested the glow in the dark feature while using a base plate compass. The glow is strong enough to be able to read the compass by holding the flashlight underneath. This is perfect for a tactical environment - where navigation with a flashlight could give away your position.

Using the glow feature to read a base plate compass
The other model, the Pak-Lite Flasher, has a red flashing light and a high output white light. The model I used has a camouflage housing. The red flashing can be used as an emergency distress signal; the high white as a flashlight. The red flashing mode can be used for 100+ hours with an alkaline battery- which is great to leave on during a survival situation. The white light can be used for 30+ hours. Double both those time amounts when using a lithium battery.

Red flashing mode
Another key feature to the Pak-Light flashlight is the ability to remove the flashlight housing and use the 9V battery to start a fire by making contact with steel wool. I demonstrated this feature in my video review.

I am amazed by the durability and usefulness of the Pak-Lite flashlight. With such a reasonable price, I would definitely recommend this product, and I will be placing the Pak-Lite in my own personal survival kit.

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