Handcuff Shim

Can be worn on your Dog tag chain
Handcuff shims used to open single locked handcuffs. You ask "why do I need a shim if I have a key?". Well a few reasons. One being they can be used on all types of hand cuffs.Where they may use different keys. Such as: regular handcuffs, Saf-Loks, and other high security handcuffs. They can also be used to release the cuffs if you have a  handcuff malfunction. Also if a key is broken in the handcuff.

The Shim slides in between the pawl and the ratchet. They can be kept in your wallet, on your key chain, worn with your dog tags, or hidden on your person. This is a good back up if your in Law Enforcement and get restrained by your own cuffs. If your in the Special Operations community operating in a high risk area and packed with your Survival/E & E kit. These can be kept on your person pretty covertly.

I will do a video within the next week showing how to use them in a few different applications.

Measures 1 1/2" long and made from Spring Steel.

These can be purchased from our store http://blackscoutsurvival.bigcartel.com/


  1. Hi Ive practised a fare bit with cuffs, keys and shims and the shim would always be my first choice, easier and far quicker to use, especially when cuffed behind my back. With a key and the cuffs double locked behind my back I struggle just to find the key way, with a shim and single locked I'm out in seconds. If I could perhaps offer one tip it would add a small split ring to the shim, it makes the shim much easier to find if you drop the shim behind your back when seated. I would definitely carry a key %100, if the cuffs are double locked its your only option,
    If you need just one reason to carry a shim, try getting out of FlexiCuffs with a key ;-) StormCrow.

  2. Sorry , "slight amendment to the above" the key is not your only option when double locked, there is always the possibility of picking the lock , again behind your back you may strugglea bit to find the keyway , but given time its certainly possible . StormCrow

  3. 4 years on... where's the video?