Springtail Solutions MPAC Review

I'm sure if your a frequent visitor of our site that your a person that likes to be prepared. Generally we all carry some sort of equipment in our vehicles EDC gear, Get Home Bag, Bug Out Bag, etc...

If your like me and own a jeep you know storage is at a minimum. While surfing the web I came across the MPAC from Springtail Solutions. This is a uniquely designed system that marries a few different useful features.
There are dynamic straps attached to the velcro panel to ensure the pouches
stay on in rough terrain
The system mounts to the Jeep JK rear door. Its a heavy duty piece of laser cut steel that requires no drilling for installation by using stock body mounts. The MPAC has rack has a solid quality powder coat that has a grid pattern cut out of it to accommodate MOLLE webbing. The package I purchased included 2 pouches (1 large and 1 small). These pouches have rip-away velcro that is great for accessing and or using your gear when away from the vehicle.
The STAT pouches are constructed from water resistant 600 denier nylon. The larger pouch has one main large central pocket with two interior pockets and a mesh on the opposite side. It also includes a shoulder strap in the event you have to leave the vehicle and need to carry your gear on foot. The smaller pouch has just one central interior with no internal pockets. I've set mine up to have survival gear in the larger pouch and the smaller contains various medical supplies.

Probably the most awesome feature is that the MPAC folds down into a table. It is suspended by 550 cord and can be adjusted. I've already used the table numerous times and truly don't know how I lived without it.
By pulling the paracord lanyard on each side the folding table can be deployed. The design is rattle free and is designed to hold up to 40 lbs.
Leatherman attached to the MPAC grid
Your not limited to the STAT pouches; the MPAC allows you to attach any items that have MOLLE webbing. They also offer different accessories that can hold tow straps, flashlights, axes, etc...

I love the organization the MPAC offers. The folding table has been helpful almost on a daily basis. I highly recommend the MPAC if you have an FJ Cruiser or Jeep JK.

Check them out at: http://store.springtailsolutions.com/JK-Rear-Door-Folding-TrayMOLLE-Panel-Combo_p_29.html

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  1. Where did you get the embroidered labels that say survival and medical