Triple Aught Design- Fast Pack EDC

If you frequent the site its no surprise we are huge fans of Triple Aught Design. They offers some of the most cutting edge hard and soft goods on the market. Most of it is military inspired gear that all of us tactical junkies can appreciate.

Today we will be discussing the Triple Aught Design Fast Pack EDC. It's a high capacity day pack- hence the name EDC or everyday carry. This pack combines some features that one would expect from a field pack with additional elements that would be useful in your commute to the office.
Left: Fast Pack Litespeed
Right: Fast Pack EDC
You may remember us reviewing the Litespeed (another offering from TAD Gear). Here is a comparison between the two. You will notice that the Fast Pack EDC has many of the same features as the Litespeed but with added carrying capacity (10 extra liters of space to be precise).

The exterior of the pack has PALs webbing. There are also top and bottom compression straps. These features give you plenty of options to mount gear externally. Things such as ropes, sleeping bags, and tarps to name a few.
Transporter tail used to carry M4 Carbine
Another unique feature is the transporter tail. This allows the user to carry bulky items on the pack for quick access. You can carry items such as rifles, fishing poles, ski's, trekking poles, and so on.
Flashlight Cave with GPS Deployed
Something I had not heard of before was the "flashlight cave". This is a special feature of the Fast Pack EDC and not included on the Litespeed. Basically there is an upside down pocket on one of the side pockets. It has a D-ring that items can be mounted. When wearing the pack one can simply unzip the pocket and allow the item to fall out for use (make sure you have the item tethered by a lanyard).
There are a 4 exterior pouches total. One of those has slotted pockets for admin style applications. These exterior pouches allow you to get to smaller often used items without digging into the main portion of the pack.
Inside the main pouch there is a mesh pouch to keep smaller items. There is also a clip that will support a hydration bladder and hydration port.

The pack is a great design for wear. Its extremely comfortable and with waist belt and sternum strap fastened- the pack pretty much molds to your body. This is important for hiking or moving fast through the wilderness. All the materials used are high quality and will give you years of service.

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