Black Scout Survival System- The BACK HOME kit

There are hundreds of survival kits, ideas, and systems out there. You can get overwhelmed with the different schools of thought. For awhile now I have been working on a simplified and condensed system to help you guys create a solid survival kit. I call this the BACK HOME system. This kit is designed to get you as it says "back home". Its use is ideally for that 72 hour window and will aid you in meeting your basic human needs for that time frame (hydration, hypo/hyperthermia protection, fire, and so on). This kit will also help you affect a self-rescue as well as aiding SAR teams/People in finding you. I've tried to keep this system small so that you can carry it with you at all times. This kit can also be added too for those specific locations that may need specialized equipment (jungle-machete/bug spray, hammock, mosquito net).

Lets go over the acronym:

B-Blaze and Burn
A-All weather Blanket

O-Orienteering tools
M-Metal Canteen
E-Emergency Signal

Some of these items are specifics like Metal Canteen and All Weather Blanket. The reason I feel is that they should not be substituted with inferior quality items or different items. These specifics help maximize the items use. Now look at Blaze and Burn. This is not a specific items. Why you ask? Because if I were to say a ferro rod- some people may not be good with those and would be better to have matches or lighters. Thats what makes this system unique. You have the ability to work the items that you choose into the kit. Except the specifics which I feel are critical.

Blaze and Burn- Blaze means fire starters like matches, lighters, ferro rods, and flares. Burn means things that burn such as tinder. This part of the system can be used based on your needs.

All Weather Blanket- This is a specific item. This items was chosen because it is very versatile. A brightly colored one can help with signaling. Its durable and will not tear. It can be used to reflect heat away like in the desert. It can also reflect heat back to you when cold.

Cordage- This part can be anything from dental floss, paracord, rope, jute twine, and bank line.

Knife- Again this is something that can be chosen by you. A lot will depend on your budget and skill level.

Headlamp- I chose a headlamp over a handheld mainly due to the hands free use. If you are alone its difficult to steady a flashlight while your conducting survival task in the wild. Its also because most are low lumen and will last longer than most of the super bright flashlights that take lithium batteries today.

Orienteering tools- Map, Compass, and Pace Count beads. These items will get you out of most survival situations. Unless you have a mechanical injury.

Metal Canteen- They are durable and can boil water for disinfection. I like purification systems but they tend to be bulky and tablets tend to go bad before you need them.

Emergency Signal- The most critical items in a survival kit. They get you rescued and out of the survival situation. Items can be location dependent (i.e. flares, signal mirror, whistle, flagging tape).

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