Triple Aught Design OP1 Pouch

I'm sure every one has had the pain that comes with building kits and separating various items. You don't want to purchase three headlamps for every single kit or losing that fisher space pen at the bottom of the pack. Those small items are an organizational nightmare. Someone had the bright idea (thankfully) to come up with organizational pouches. Today we will be looking at the Triple Aught Design OP1 (organizer pouch 1) pouch- my thoughts and applications.
Front view of the OP1
I've enjoyed all products that I've gotten from TAD gear. They seem to be of good design and most all are produced here in the US. The OP1 is no different. My only problem with the OP1 as well as all Triple Aught Design products is that they are hard to come by. They produce little quantities and you generally have to wait until they offer them, beat everyone else to the punch, and hope they have the color you want. This hassle and irritation may not be worth it to some.


  • Built from 500D Codura
  • 1" webbing velcro tabs (front pocket)
  • 7.25"Lx 1.0"Wx 6.75"H
  • YKK Zippers

The front section has a velcro secured pocket with three pockets. I placed a ferrocerium rod/magnesium rod/striker in one and a set of Bogota picks/cuff keys in the other. There is a center pocket that I believe was designed for a pen but will not actually hold a pen. Kind of confused on that one.
My loadout
The pouch has a "clam shell" style opening- giving full access to your gear. Organization is by way of elastic style webbing, a zippered pocket, and open-top pocket. As you can see I've outfitted mine with quite a bit of field/survival gear. I like that they incorporated various sized webbing. This allows to hold gear ranging in different sizes (i.e. pens, flashlights, knives, lighters, and so on).
The rear of the pouch has integral MOLLE straps that can be mounted to your pack. They work flawlessly and hold the pouch secure as well as quick removal. There are also two plastic D-Rings at the top of the pouch. You could use these to connect to other pack styles or rig it with paracord and wear it cross-body in a pinch.
Shown mounted on the transporter tail of the FAST Pack Litespeed.

My application of the OP1 has been that of an carrier for EDC/Survival gear. Essentially it can operate as a self-contained survival kit. I have items covering the basic physiological needs as well as some tools for day to day operations. This allows me to keep all the small stuff in one place as well as changing to different primary pack loadouts a breeze. Going from a day pack to the bug out bag within a few seconds and ensuring I have all the tools I will need in one place.

Overall the build quality and design is fantastic and honestly my favorite organizational pouch I own. They OP1 retails for $60 and comes in a few colors. If your in the search of an organizational pouch go over and check them out (hopefully they have them in stock and the color you want).

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