Sagewood Gear PRS Belt Sheath- GSO-5.1

You guys may remember I reviewed a scout style sheath for my GSO-4.1 awhile back from Sagewood Gear. I was highly impressed by the construction that I decided to get another sheath made for my GSO-5.1. This time I decided to get a conventional belt sheath to ride on my hip in the case that I'm wearing my GSO-4.1 scout style and want to carry the GSO-5.1 as well.

As with all the Sagewood Gear products you have the ability to customize. I chose the PRS Belt sheath with a tapered end and leg tie-down ring. I also asked for a ferro rod loop with a Sagewood Gear ferro rod.

Each sheath is built from 10oz. Herman Oak Leather and treated with a water repellent finish. These sheath's sport a pretty high speed strap system known as the PRS or Pivoting Retention Strap. This enables the securing strap to move out of the cutting path of the blade. Reducing its contact will give a longer life to the strap system.

Here is a list of options for customization:

  • Right or Left Hand Draw
  • Color (black, dark brown, or light brown)
  • Belt loop (fixed or bushcraft dangler loop)
  • Square or Tapered end
  • Fire steel loop and size of firesteel option
  • Leg Tie D-ring
  • Pouch
The photo above shows with the fixed loop. The bushcraft style dangler loop will give you a sheath that will move with you. Depending on the situation this works well (i.e. getting in and out of a vehicle or climbing tough terrain). These loops can be changed out with a screwdriver making it a modular sheath and have the ability to change with you. 

The stitching is impeccable on these sheaths. There is a fine attention to detail. Quality components also ensure this sheath will stand the test of time. They also dress up a knife pretty nice. 
The Sagewood Gear firesteel has a 3/8" ferrocerium rod (that should last you awhile). The handle is constructed from Delrin- an extremely durable and tough plastic. Its been precisely turned to give it a secure grip but also looks fantastic. At the top of the handle is a metal lanyard stud that has a piece of bungee cord that will secure it in the ferro rod loop. It has an overall length of 4". It's slim design is deceiving it actually offers a ton of grip. 

Overall I highly suggest that if you are in the market for a custom sheath head over to Sagewood Gear. You have the ability to customize the sheath to your liking at a low price. They are all handmade here in the US and at a reasonable price. The basic sheath cost around $99. I challenge you to find another maker that can rival the quality, price, and customization options. 

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  1. Hey Jack,
    I was wondering what color is shown here, for the gso 5.1 Is it the light brown?