Survivor Firestarters TXFIRE

Some of you may remember the Survivor Firestarters from a previous review we have on the site. Today we will be going over a few modifications that have been made to improves its use in a survival situation.

The Survivor Firestarters have now deemed this product TXFIRE. Im not sure why-possibly a reference to Texas? Anyhow its basically a huge chunk of magnesium with a ferro rod insert capable of 20,000 strikes. Needless to say it will last a long time. Along with the name change it now also comes in two color options- black and hi-vis orange and an included signal mirror.
The strikers included are ground down hacksaw blades. They have a sharp 90 degree spine and are excellent strikers to say the least.
thermometer for checking current temps

Including a signal mirror was an ingenious idea. This package will give a survivor the ability to check temps, navigate, start fires, as well as signal for rescue. The large beefy handle will also aid in cold weather fire starting when your mobility takes a turn for the worse.

Check this out as well as their other fire starting devices at:

Watch our first video review below

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