Nighthawk Lights- Bantam

Everyone knows how important it is to have a flashlight handy. You've probably had to change a flat tire in the middle of the night or maybe you've had a power outage. Most of the time its difficult to have a flashlight at the ready because they tend to be too annoying to carry because of their size. Today we will be looking at two models from Nighthawk Lights that are small enough to ensure you always have one with you.
The two models shown above are the Bantam KG-66 (gold) and Bantam HB-62 (black). Both are built from hard anodized aluminum body with a anti-abrasive finish. These lights are small-2.9" in length with a mere weight of .49 ounces. The Bantams are waterproof up to 6.5 feet and include an extra "O" ring seal in the case yours gets damaged. The bodies are similar except that the HB-62 has knurled sections on the front and the rear of the light. Both have a key chain attachment for EDC carry.
To be so small these are some powerful lights. Using the Cree LED XP-E R2- you don't have to worry about carrying extra bulbs. The KG-66 has a 32 lumen beam that projects up to 130 ft. While the HB-62 has two output modes that produce a whopping 85 lumens on high and 2.5 lumens on low. With the capability to run 20 hours straight on the 2.5 lumens makes it energy efficient but it also is excellent when a more covert light is needed. Both models run on a single AAA battery. This is a plus considering its a common battery type; especially when traveling to more remote locations where lithium type batteries are hard to get a hold of. The operation is also super simple-just a simple twist on/off.
The Bantams are perfect for EDC and are also small enough to place in your Personal Survival Kits. I've been carrying mine for a little over two months and it has came in handy on numerous occasions. All Nighthawk products are backed by a lifetime warranty. If your in the market for a small flashlight that will take a beating- check out the link below.

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