ESEE Fire Steel

ESEE knives continually brings innovative survival gear to the market. Today we will be going over a brand new product that they've put together known as the ESEE Fire Steel.

The ESEE Fire Steel is essentially a 1095 steel fire making tool that has been heat treated to the proper temperature to produce sparks when struck rapidly against flint, chert rock, etc...

This would fall into the primitive fire making method known as the flint and steel. Its a valid option for your survival and or fire kit because of a few reasons:

  • It is a renewable resource- meaning that more flint can be found in the field and char cloth can be procured with every fire (after the first one). 
  • A spark ignited piece of char cloth actually benefits from high wind. 
The unique feature of the kit is the center has a divot to act as a bearing block for a bow drill friction fire. This adds versatility and one less thing to manufacture if your caught in a bad situation. I've used it to make several bow drill fires and noticed no real heat produced or transferred to the ESEE Fire Steel. 

When used as a flint striker the Fire Steel performed flawlessly. As good as any other high carbon steel striker I've used. 

The exterior edge can also be used as a striker for a traditional ferro rod. 
The kit includes a tin for making char cloth, written instructions, ESEE survival card, and the striker itself. I suggest adding char cloth, jute twine, and a piece of flint (as seen above). 

Overall I really like the design of the gear and will be adding it to my fire kit. 

Find more information at: ESEE Knives

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