Adam Ticknor on Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness Part 2

Over the next week we will be posting a video series on Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness. This class was instructed some time last year by Adam Ticknor. He occasionally contributes to Black Scout Survival,  is a former Scout Sniper/Reconnaissance Marine, and one of the handful of guys that we feel like knows what hes talking about. Check it out and let us know what you think. (This video will be an 8 part series)


  1. this is really helpful!, my husband and I make sure to brief are children about survival details and emergency preparedness. Also we stock on some protein bars in house, and converted to propane using gomowpropane just in case there would be a power outage in our area.

  2. SO WHAT HAPPENS when weapons are at home & we get stuck aaway from home & cannot get there ? here in boston (where i visit), Gestapo lke "Disaster/Terrorist Exercises", are done YEARLY. BAGS CHECKED, NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR FACIAL RECOGNITION, IS TESTED, My son says "Preppers & those DOING SEMINARS (teachers-lecturers will be detained in rEAL EVENTS. EVEN IF MILITARY. OR AT LEAST CLOSELY WATCHED & "CHIP TAGGED" :(

    1. Have a plan for that situation when out of town. Guns isn't where your survival begins nor ends. You have the wrong mindset. Also don't be so paranoid. Self reliant people are just that and the government are not out to get them.

  3. has 4-8 mil baggies ( buy with others) for DRY bags , poor folks version ! keep DRY items/Electronic/papers DRY, and other items. Then Graingercom !