Sgt. Knots- Jute Survival Paracord

I recently came across some of the most awesome paracord on the market. Its known as Jute Survival Paracord brought to us by Sgt. Knots. Sgt. Knots offers a variety of different paracord, bankline, rope, etc.. to fill your cordage hunger.
Top: Jute Survival Paraord
Bottom: Standard paracord

We all know how multi-functional and useful paracord is- Sgt. Knots takes it a step further. As the name implies it has a strand of jute, but it doesn't stop there. It also includes two strands of braided fishing line! Increasing its functionality. In the package your getting 6 strands of standard inner paracord, 1 strand of jute, and 2 strands of braided fishing line. I'm not sure of the strength but I'm going to assume with the two strands of braided line it has to be close to 550lbs of tensile strength- if not more. I will also say that the quality of the paracord is the best I've seen to date. Even more so than issue 550 cord that I received while serving in the Marines.
Notice the jute and two strands of braided fishing line. 
With this increased functionality I've pretty much used this paracord as lanyards on all my equipment. By using this as your firesteel lanyard you've also given yourself a piece of last ditch tinder by way of the jute twine. With all my survival gear I like to have multi-purpose gear. This eliminates ounces that equal pounds.
An example of this would be that you only need to carry hooks, sinkers, and tinder while carrying your cordage.

The Jute Survival Paracord comes in a few colors (black, tan, od green, brown, red, royal blue, and neon orange). It also has flecks spiraling the cord similar to climbing rope- which looks awesome. You would imagine with these added features that this cord would be super expensive. Well its not. It cost about the same as standard issue mil-spec paracord at about $30 for a 300ft roll.

Again, Im pretty stoked about this product and think you should check it out below:

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