Raptor- Jordan Production Knives

Bladesmith Andrew Jordan has developed a new line of high quality production level knives. These knives are designed to specifically meet the needs of outdoor enthusiast as with is other performance knives. He chose only the best materials to be used in these production knives that he previously only used in his custom knife offerings.

Prior to release the Raptor design has been field tested by some of the leading professionals in the hunting, survival, bushcraft, fishing(salt and fresh) fields.

Blade Length: 11.5cm
Blade Thickness: 5.7cm
Steel: Becut
Hardness: HRC 58
Handle Length: 11.5cm
Handle Thickness: 20mm
Handle Material: Laminated Carbon Fiber Resin w/ Yellow Color Spacer
Butt Cap: 440B w/ HRC 58
Stani Groeneweg cleaning a fish with the Raptor.
The Becut steel had no problems in salt water.

During my use and testing I have nothing but confidence in this knife. I pried, chopped, thrown, hammered, and batoned with it. Resulting with no failures and performed very well. The blade of the knife is forward of the hand. This helps by relieving stress and helps with overall cutting performance of the knife. We will be posting a video showing some of this testing (although some would consider it abuse). The Raptor handled every task with no problems. Again this testing was just that a "test". I don't recommend putting your knife through this type of situations because its not technically designed for that. This was to show that the Raptor can be trusted in a survival situation.

The Raptor has a high flat grind and effortlessly carves feathersticks. Even after my rugged testing I was able to carve a micro featherstick. This speaks to the toughness of the Becut steel used in the knife's construction. I had not used Becut steel in the past and actually have never heard of it. Becut for those of you that may not know is a 3rd generation stainless steel that will not tarnish or rust in salt water. Perfect for fishing or those that may be doing survival stuff in the tropical regions. The Raptor has a hardness of HRC 58.
The Raptor had modern looking design. Its a very good looking knife to say the least. I really liked how the butt cap was designed and will work well with hammering. There is also a lanyard hole in the back which I like to see on survival knives.

The handles give for a solid hook up. I really like the laminated carbon fiber resin. It also gives the knife a very "clean" look. The handles have a sort of fish scale type pattern on them which I feel aids in grip if the knife is wet.

Andrew Jordan always offers fantastic kydex work with his knives. The Raptor is no different. It comes with a black kydex sheath that has a large Tech-lock attachment. It can be worn traditionally, high on the belt (to conceal), or in a cross draw method. It has excellent retention and versatility.

Overall I'm highly impressed with the Raptor as with all of Andrew Jordan Knives. I'm also pleased that he started offering production models that will allow more people to own a piece of his work. If your interested in more information or purchasing a Raptor click HERE.


  1. will you ship to the USA, where can i buy one...?

  2. Video review of raptor-probably shouldn't do any lines before taping