Leatherman Surge and Upgrades

For years I've been a major fan of Leatherman brand multi-tools. I've used many different kinds from various manufacturers and they just didn't stand up to the abuse that a Leatherman does. I've only broken one over the years and it was due to me using the knife blade to pry with. I shipped it to Leatherman and they sent me a brand new one back. You really can't beat that type of customer service.

My go-to Leatherman is the Surge. Its a more robust tool than their other offerings. It can handle extreme task with little problems. The only downside is the the weight makes it uncomfortable to carry on your hip. Although at times I do in the field. We have a video overview that we will be posting in the next few weeks giving a complete overview of the Leatherman Surge system. You can see all its features and functions there.

The first thing I did was ditch the factory pouch. I went with a Maxpedition Single Mag Pouch and it works quite well. It can be carried horizontally or vertically on the belt, also having the capability to attach to PALS webbing.
The next thing I did was add a lanyard with a ferrocerium bead from www.firesteel.com. This gives me the capability to have fire along with the standard functions of the multi-tool. In the case I find myself in a position where all I have is the Surge.

In most cases I would prefer a multi-tool over most items in a survival situation. Especially in an Urban setting. Where I may have to make repairs to my truck when bugging out or to skin out a white tail dear.

Let us know your thoughts below or any additions you've made to yours.

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  1. Sure hope that 'white tail dear' is not your wife :-)

    I like the idea of the ferro rod on the lanyard, really good idea. Thanks for this.