J-Tech Gear CP-6 Combat Chest Rig

Chest rigs are one of those items that I feel are crucial to your Bug Out Gear. You may or may not need it depending on the situation. If things get real sour it could be worth its weight in gold.

Today we will be looking at the CP-6 Combat Chest Rig from the good guys over at J-Tech Gear. This particular harness has a ton of features that we will discuss.

A chest rig is designed to hold your ammo in the front of your body. In a fire fight you don't want to be digging through your ruck sack to get a fresh reload.

The CP-6 has in-vest magazine pouches in the very front of the vest. Many rigs require you to purchase separate pouches. These in-vest pouches will hold 8 AR-15 30 round mags. They will also hold AK-47 or similar assault rifle mags. They are held in place by velcro that has convenient pull tabs for quick access.

The front of the vest has PALS webbing on its entirety. There are two velcro accessory pouches that hold small items in the front. The lower one has a section of soft side velcro for inserting a pistol holster at the front of the vest.

The shoulder straps are constructed of a traditional H-harness style with removable pads for comfort. These shoulder straps can be adjusted for varying body types as well.
The front panel can be folded down to make a slim profile chest harness that can be used over body armor. The vest also accepts plates to work as a traditional plate carrier. I would've like to see some velcro for adding morale or unit patches on this front panel.

There are two side accessory pouches. They have an opening that can be accessed through the top of the flap This can be good to place your spent magazines in a hurry. They do tend to get in the way during shooting and I wish they were removable. Especially because they impede using a hip mounted pistol.
There is a ton of PALS webbing on the rear of the vest. This can be used to attach mission specific gear and also has a plate carrier pocket. The rear waist straps are adjustable.with tough YKK buckles. As I stated above the rear panel can be removed to make a low-profile chest rig.

I've enjoyed using this rig in my testing. Outside of the minor problems I've mentioned it still is a tough rig that will get the job done. Its built from 1000D Codura Nylon- plan on it lasting longer than you will. It comes in a few different colors: black, od green, and coyote (pictured). It retails for $99 and you can check it out at www.jtechgear.com

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