ESEE Lite Machete

ESEE Knives founded by Randall's Adventure and Training have been known for their jungle classes over the past 20 or so years. It was only right for them to offer a machete to their cutting tool line-up.

Machete's are used by people all over the world. It is a very versatile cutting implement that are one of the most important tools to many indigenous people all over the world. I've used a few different types in my life and they can be made very poorly almost to the point of being dangerous to the user. I don't feel that way about the ESEE Lite Machete; however their are a few things I would change. I'll go over my opinion below.
ESEE Logo but not the same warranty
Let me first start off with the country of origin manufacturing of the blade. Unlike all of ESEE's other cutting tools; this machete blade is made in El Salvador by Imacasa. I'm not quite sure they pimped out the blade manufacturing but I would like to find that out in the future. ESEE's website states that the blade has a Limited Warranty. This leaves me to believe that they will not back this blade up like their other cutting tools. Somewhat disappointing but more confusing than anything else. I will try to get some solid clarification on that in the future and will update you guys when I find out more.


  • Overall Length 23.25"
  • Cutting Edge 15"
  • Blade Length 17.25"
  • Blade Width 2.38"
  • Weight 18 oz.
  • Thickness .080"
  • 1075 Carbon Steel
The ESEE Lite Machete has natural Micarta scales that ARE produced here in the US. They are removable and feature a lanyard hole. This is the first machete that I've found that had Micarta scales. They are very comfortable and one of my favorite features of the Machete. I believe ESEE did this right. They give you a solid lock-up on such a large blade. They also reduce and virtually remove any vibrations from the handle when chopping dense wood. 
One of my biggest complaints with this set up is the substandard sheath that accompanies the machete. It is a Codura sheath that you would find with most $7 machetes. It offers no security and if held upside down the sheath will fall out. I understand that they offer this to reduce cost but when your paying $108 for a machete I would expect more. Since I'm on cost I will say I feel this machete should be offered in the $50 realm. Its not built here in the US and doesn't have the same warranty as the other ESEE products. Especially when looking at the very comparable Ontario Military Jungle Machete that goes for $20. 
In use the machete works well for chopping wood, clearing a path, as well as any other survival task. Its very comfortable and seems very durable in my testing. As I said I do wish they offered them at a more affordable price, but it is a nice tool that will deliver. The blade comes very sharp and has the right amount of heft without being unmanageable. I feel this tool will serve you well if you live in the southeast, tropical island, jungle, or marsh. Machetes are versatile tools and with the Micarta handles I recommend it if you can deal with the price or if you are a supporter of ESEE products then why not? If you fit that criteria I don't believe you will be disappointed. Otherwise you may want to find a lower cost option. 

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