Triple Aught Design Litespeed Review

Today we will be reviewing a pack that a use frequently and has become part of my normal kit loadout. Its the Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Litespeed.

Triple Aught Design is a military inspired company offering hard and soft goods. They tend to be on the higher end, so those that are budget conscious may want to look at some other manufacturers. Many times they will do limited runs of certain products. You may have to check back frequently because many times products are out of stock. It may be a product in its entirety or a color you may prefer (an aggravating problem to deal with when I am wanting to give money to someone). This was the case with the FAST Pack Litespeed that we are reviewing today. It took about two months for this particular pack to come online for order. I believe this may drive up the demand as well as cost. Possibly their business model? Either way you will find TAD products going for quadruple the price on eBay or in various forums. This helps those dishonest guys that like to price gouge honest folks. Anyhow I will get off my soapbox and get back to the review.

The FAST Pack Litespeed was designed to be a smaller/slimmer pack made for times when you need to be agile and nimble. It hugs to the body quite well and perfect for some applications, such as climbing or mountain biking. Whereas other packs may catch and snag when navigating through dense forest, its narrow profile skates through without problems.

For the price you get a durable extremely well made pack. Its constructed from 1000D Invista Cordura farbic and stitched with high tensile strength nylon thread. YKK zippers are mandatory on any packs I purchase and they are included on the Litespeed. The pack has a total weight of 56 ounces.
Even with its slim design it has a 21.3 liter capacity. I would consider it a day or assault pack size. I have gotten away with using it on over nighter's in the field with minimal gear (water bladder, food, hammock, tarp, etc...).
Soft Velcro panel to rep your colors
The Litespeed offers a few design features to help with organization of your equipment. There is a external admin pouch above the velcro panel. This has various small slots/pouches to hold pens and other times. I like this because items like notepad and pen are easily accessible as well as any other high use items.
On the inside of the pack are two mesh pockets to keep smaller gear squared away. Offering just enough organization without going overboard. Some packs has so much organization that it sacrifices usable room. Not a problem with the Litespeed.
As with most tactical packs it has a built in hydration sleeve. A problem I've had with other packs in the past is that the bladder sinks to the bottom of the pack. The Litespeed has a clip that will clip to a bladder (in this case Source tactical) and hold it in place.
Notice the grab handle is also constructed of Hypalon

Giving access to your hydration bladder is a port located at the top of the bag. Constructed of Hypalon (the material used on Zodiac boats) its super tough.
Another unique feature is the transporter tail- that works in a few different capacities. It can drop down as seen above to hold items like fly rods, rifles, or skies. When fastened it can hold rain jackets, helmets, or tarps to name a few. If you don't need it for your particular adventure it can also be removed.
Litespeed with OP1 pouch attached
PALS webbing covers the front, bottom, and sides of the Litespeed. This allows you to attach pouches, carabiners, knives, tents, and so on. I sometimes also use the buckles connecting the transporter tail to affix different gear.
Shown here carrying a knife and roll of coyote
electrical tape externally

I can honestly say the FAST Pack Litespeed is one of the most comfortable packs I've worn. You can see in  the photo above- the closed cell foam through the mesh covering it. This offers an excellent amount of ventilation. The lower back section is protected (by Hypalon) from damage that may be caused by constant rubbing in that area. The shoulder straps are of an "S" shape design and feature a adjustable sternum strap. The waist belt can be removed or used depending on your load out.
I can honestly say that the FAST Pack Litespeed is one of my favorite and most comfortable packs to date. Its extremely functional and offers tons of organizational features. If your trying to go Gray Man this may not be the pack for you- its highly tactical looking. But if you are looking for a tactically configured pack, can afford it, and if it happens to be in stock- pull the trigger.

check them out HERE

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