SURVIVE! Knives GSO-7/7 Review

We've reviewed quite a few knives from the SURVIVE! Knives line-up over the past year. I have to admit this one has rapidly grown to be arguably my favorite yet. It's the GSO-7/7 and falls into that sweet spot of a one tool option.

This particular model has a little different nomenclature than the other SURVIVE! Knives in the line-up. It's name does not directly reflect the size of the blade. It actually is named after Guy's best friend as a memorial to him.

It actually has a 6 3/4" blade with a portion of that being finger choil. It has an overall length of 11 1/2". It feels very good in the hand, not overly heavy as some other knives this size. The finger choil allows you to choke up for fine work- also giving you the option to back up on the grip for some light chopping action. This model is a CPM 3V; which has proved itself to be a very tough steel for working knives like this.
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SURVIVE! has recently added the option of a DLC coating. DLC stands for "Diamond Like Carbon" and unlike any other "coating" I've used this is the toughest I've seen. I have shown no signs of wear during my use. This particular color is graphite and is perfect for those that may be using their knife in tactical parameters. There is also an FDE (Flat Dark Earth) type color available. Good for those guys that are going to kick in the terrorist front door.
Hidden lanyard feature
Like with all SURVIVE! Knives- you have the option to customize with handle preference. All the handles and grips are designed for maximum performance all while reducing fatigue. They look pretty sweet too. There is jimping at the pommel aiding in the reverse grip in case things go native with an unlucky bad guy or less sexy digging/prying. The hidden lanyard tang has increased in size in the latest production knives to effectively pass paracord through without the need to remove the handles.

This knife came sharp enough to shave peach fuzz. If your not careful you could easily wind up with double digit stitches. The blade maintained a sharp edge even after an extensive work out in the field. It's size as I said above makes it an all around good survival blade.
I'm a believer of a survival knife system consisting of 2-3 knives. Pairing the GSO-7/7 with something like the GSO-4.1 is an excellent combination. The larger 7/7 can take on more rugged task like chopping/batoning while the 4.1 can handle camp chores such as food prep/cleaning game.

Overall this knife as I've said above has become one of my favorites to date. But time and time again I will tell you from my experience you cant go wrong with SURVIVE! Knives. Check out our previous reviews and their website for more information. SURVIVE! Knives


  1. Great review. I totally agree that this is a excellent all around knife. I've spent tens of hours with my 7/7 and find it pretty easy to do just about any wood working with it. I prefer the 5.1 for wood working but I think I'll carry the 7/7 into the field for chopping and batoning and use my 4.1 or the 5.1 as the back up. I've also noticed that the DLC coating,mine is in FDE, has less resistance going through wood than my my 6 in tumbled. It's not a huge difference but it is noticeable. I might also add that these knives are incredibly durable. I haven't abused mine much but I've seen videos of Guy doing pullups and even repelling off of them. Anyway, I really love my GSOs (I all of them except the 3.5 and Necker I) and think Guy at Survive! Knives has really hit the mark in all sizes, which makes it hard for me to decide which ones to take into the field (which is a good thing)! I am looking forward to seeing some of the new designs he's been hinting about.

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