Building a Home Defense Shotgun Part 3- Elzetta Tactical Flashlight Mount

We are moving on with our Home Defense Shotgun series and now talking about lighting (specifically mounts). In my opinion a flashlight is a must for a home defense situation. Depending on the layout of your house and where your family members are located within; it may be the difference from you defending your home or hurting a loved one. Typically a home invasion will occur in the early morning hours when your lights are out. Your most likely going to be semi-incoherent from being awakened from REM sleep. Your judgement may not be the best at this time-especially in the dark. A flashlight will aid in identifying friend or foe.
We searched out the best tactical shotgun flashlight mount and came to find the Elzetta ZSM Tactical Flashlight Mount is bomb proof. It was awarded the "Tested and Recommended" status by the NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association). Along with that it is 100% designed an manufactured here in the U.S.A.

As I stated when we first started this build; we wanted to find accessories that were universal. The Elzetta ZSM will attach to all the popular brands. It also comes with sizing adapters to be used in conjunction with smaller calibers like 20 gauge and .410 models. It will also accept flashlights ranging from 18 to 27mm. This will cover most of the popular brands. For this review we used the Surefire G2.
The construction and hook up is solid. Its built from a glass filled polymer. It attaches by way of Allen head screws. What drew me to the system the most was that it was a direct hook up- no Picatinny rails. With Picatinny rails, mounting becomes a two part system (flashlight mount and rail mount). This usually leads to loosening of the overall system when shooting. This is not a problem with the Elzetta ZSM. We ran a few boxes through the shotgun and the Elzetta ZSM was as tight as when we put it on (we will have a video demo-ing the whole system in a few months).
The mount directly attaches to the barrel and magazine (as shown above). You can also attach to either side of your gun depending on your preferred configuration. I decided to run mine on the outside of the gun, with my swing swivel on the opposite. Elzetta offers a swing swivel attachment that directly affixes to the mount.
Since I affixed the flashlight to the outside I ran a touch pad switch to operate the light. I suggest this if you also plan to run yours on the outside of your gun.

I've dealt with a ton of various mounts over the years. I have to say the Elzetta was the most solid and easy to set-up. The biggest selling point is the price. The Elzetta ZSM goes for around $39.95. Whereas other less quality configurations go for that price or more; after having to buy the rail and flashlight mount. If your looking for a high quality flashlight mount at an affordable price check out the Elzetta ZSM.


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