Rescue Essentials- Keep U Safe Kit

If you surf the web today you will find a plethora survival kits on the market. Some are good and others are bad. Many have super small items that won't do you much good in a real situation. Or at the very least I wouldn't want to depend on.

There are many folks that wouldn't dare purchasing a pre-made kit and enjoy building there own, and that's fine. But what if you aren't a die hard survivalist, but just want that little piece of insurance. A pre-made kit may be for you. Today we will be discussing the "keep u safe kit" from Rescue Essentials. If you haven't been to their website- I highly encourage you to check them out. They are my source for most of the medical equipment you see in our articles or YouTube videos.
What drew me to this kit is that it had larger survival gear and cam in a small durable bag. Small enough to place under your seat of your car, throw in your pack if your going backpacking, or if your in a disaster type situation. The pouch is brightly colored so that it doesn't get lost and you can identify it quickly. Its pretty durable and will last a long time. It also has room enough to add your own gear (which I encourage and will get into below).
Lets dive into the contents:

  • Mil-Spec Glass Signal Mirror- glass can be seen at greater distances than the acrylic style
  • Signal Whistle w/ lanyard- this is of the flat pea-less design and the only style I recommend
  • Magnesium Fire Starter-good for shaving off to start fire on damp tinder
  • Emergency Signal Tape- I had always used the standard flagging tape. I had never seen this style with a reflective type material, but I like it. Check our our video on using flagging tape HERE
  • Waterproof Match Container x 2- This is your standard match case with o-ring gaskets and a small flint on the bottom of the case to be used by striking with a sharp edge (as a backup). 
  • Emergency Survival Bag- This is a huge orange very thick bag. They are used to make modified tarps, sleeping bags, solar stills, and a ton of other uses. Its orange so it can be used for signaling. 
  • Dynamo Flashlight- This is a small crank flashlight. Eliminating the need to check the batteries ever. When you need light, you will have it. 
  • Small Knife- small basic knife, I mainly use it for striking the ferro rod insert in the magnesium fire starter.

With any survival kit I suggest adding a few items to them. The Keep U Safe Kit goes for a very reasonable $30. I will go over a few recommended additions to the kit. Rescue Essentials kept the cost down on the kit and with you personalizing by adding your own items will make it an outstanding piece of insurance.

  • I would suggest adding waterproofed strike anywhere matches or storm matches to one container and the other container filled with some sort of tinder material (like Vaseline soaked cotton balls). 
  • An emergency blanket coupled with the included Emergency Survival Bag would work fantastic in almost all environments. 
  • A multi-tool should be part of your EDC, but if its not throw it in the kit.
The Keep U Safe Kit will aid in signaling for help (the most important piece of surviving), starting fire and shelter (important to maintain that core body temperature), and illuminate for task at low visibility or night. Exactly what this kit was designed to do- keep you alive and be noticed by potential rescuers.

As I said above I get most of my medical gear from Rescue Essentials. They are definitely worth checking out. Check this kit out as well as other equipment at

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