My SERE Kit Contents

As most survivalist- we tend to update our gear as time goes on. Today I will be going over my updated SERE kit loadout. I've been using this kit for about a year now and have made some updates from my previous kit and thought you guys may want to see it and know the reasoning behind it.

Container- for the container I decided to go with the super tough SOLKOA Container. Its built from billet aluminum and has a desert tan coating.

Tool- I've included a Leatherman Mini Multi-tool to accompany my main fixed blade. It has a ton of features and small pliers that can prove to be useful.
Water- For water gathering and purification I've included chemical tabs and the kit itself can boil water in small quantities. I've also added a 1 liter whirl-pak bag to carry clean water.
Signaling/Illumination/Navigation- The Photon Freedom has a few different modes that includes a strobe and S.O.S. feature. It also has high and low settings with a covert nose that directs the beam. A small cyalume light offers a disposable light source. A standard signal mirror can be used to signal as well as addressing any facial wounds. The Fox 40 is slim and has a screeching howl that can be heard from a long way. I've also included a NATO SAS compass that is one of the best button compasses on the market. It is a dry compass that doesn't freeze in cold weather.
Food Gathering- This section has a fishing kit with flies, hooks, weights, swivels, and braided fishing line (can also be used for cordage 50lbs rating). I've also included OD green Mil-spec trip wire for snare making.
Urban Survival/E&E Gear- This section includes a few items to help in an urban survival or escape and evasion situation. I chose the Bogota Mini's from our store as my go-to picks. A universal handcuff key that can't be metal detected and a straight and key style shim. The straight shim can be hidden on your person better. These components will be stored in the kit until I find myself in a situation then I will conceal them on my person.
Fire Craft- This section has a few options. The fresnel lens offers a renewable fire source as long as the sun is shining. It can also be used to look at small things. There are 5 UCO stormproof matches in the kit (for bad weather conditions where an actual hot flame is needed). A standard ferro rod with a Gorilla Tape wrapped handle (for making repairs). The ferro rod will offer thousands of fires. A few Quik Tinder Tabs were included for when dry tinder is not available.
Repair Section- This section includes the same snare wire from above. There are also two large style safety pins and military sewing kit. This sewing kit had subdued colors (mostly what I wear) with a few buttons, small safety pin, standard needle, and large eyed sail cloth needle. I've also included kevlar cordage that can be used for tying stuff up, making repairs, or escaping from flex-cuffs (check out our video on that).

I designed this kit to handle a variety of situations. I typically carry this on me when doing stuff other than camping (where I have more substantial equipment). This kit is designed more for when I'm on day hikes, mountain biking, or going off grid for whatever reason. If I wind up depending on this kit things have gone way wrong and for some reason I've had to leave my main gear behind. Hence why I call it a SERE kit. I'm sure I'll make additions (like adding some cash) and will post an update in the future. Us survivalist are never happy with our gear.


  1. What size SOLKOA Container is this?

  2. Can you provide links to the items?