Doom and Bloom: Suturing/Stapling Class Overview

We recently attended the National Prepper & Survivalist Expo held in Atlanta, GA. This was a two-day event that brought together many of the vendors involved in the Prepper/Survivalist community. I had planned on going and reserved our tickets online. During the time leading up to the event, NPS would send out emails detailing updates with the expo. One of the emails had a class schedule for the event. I was surprised to see that Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy would be doing a Suturing and Stapling class and I decided to sign up for it.
Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy run Doom and Bloom- a website dedicated to medical information for those not sporting M.D. at the end of their name with an emphasis on disaster scenarios. They also have a book called The Survival Medicine Handbook that has a plethora of information that could come in quite handy if things do take a turn for the worse. I encourage you guys to take some time and visit their YouTube channel where you can find some very informative videos and their online store where they offer some customized preparedness medical kits.
I've had suturing gear in my medical kits for quite sometime. I like many had believed that it was an easy thing to do. It has to be pretty much like sewing right? Wrong! Suturing is definitely a skill set that has many moving parts. If done wrong it can lead to serious repercussions.
In this class you will learn when to suture and when not to suture. This alone is probably the most important part of the class. You will also learn less invasive techniques as well as improvising would closures. They will go over the different types of sutures materials and what they are used for. Something that in the past I hadn't paid much attention too. This will also cover the types of needles (sizes and shapes) and their purposes. Another topic is wound cleansing and the importance of not leaving dead space in a sutured wound. Drainage techniques and devices are also briefly covered. Other wound management techniques like wet and dry dressings were very eye-opening.
After the powerpoint presentation you will being your practical application. You will be issued a instrument kit (in which you get to keep), suture (you also receive a suture set to take home and practice with), and a pig's foot. During this session we learned how to apply an Interrupted Instrument Tie suture method. After seeing it, I realized I had received suture's like this in the past. Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy make sure each student gets some one-on-one time to ensure they learn the proper technique.
The last practical application covers stapling. It was surprisingly simple to do (at least on a pig's foot).

Overall I have to say this was one of the best classes I have attended. Its very difficult to find this level of training in the civilian world. Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are a great asset to the Prepper/Survival Community. I sincerely appreciate that they offer their expertise in the medical field to those that my not have the opportunity to gather these skills that could prove invaluable in a grid down situation.

Check them out on their website, YouTube, as well as check their event schedule for upcoming classes.

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