Randall's Adventure and Training/Blue Ridge Knives: Zancudo

A folding knife is an essential item in a mans pockets, along with his wallet and keys. This was quickly discovered by man. It's recorded that the 1st century Romans actually developed the first folding pocket knife. Carrying a blade isn't discriminated by occupation. From mechanic to doctor; at some point in the day a man needs a sharp edge.

Many out there carry smaller pocket knives and I tend to like them for everyday carry. Today we will be looking at a smaller EDC blade known as the Zancudo. "Zancudo" means mosquito in Spanish and this directly relates to the size of the knife. Developed by Mike Perrin of Randall's Adventure and Training and produced in collaboration with Blue Ridge Knives. Randall's Adventure in Training is not new to collaborations. They have joined forces with Ontario Knife Company, Ka-Bar, and DpX Gear to name a few.
The blade features a laser engraved RAT Logo
The Zancudo measures 7 inches overall with a blade length of 2.94". The blade material is AUS-8 and features a full flat grind. I like full flat grinds. They tend to slice through things with less drag and the Zancudo does that with its razor sharp blade. It has a drop point blade reminiscent of the ESEE Laser Strike.

Being made from AUS-8 steel, sharpening the blade is a breeze. There is some jimping on the spine and ambidextrous thumb studs to aid those lefty's. This is one of the smoothest opening folders I've owned. Almost as quick as most assisted opening knives with little effort. In our video review we demonstrate this along side the Kershaw LEEK.
This is a framelock design with a slab of polymer on one side that's gives a secure grip. The other side shares a stonewashed frame just like the blade. You can adjust the pocket clip for tip-up or tip-down carry. The pocket clip rides deep so that it won't slide out of your pocket when moving around. At the rear of the handle is a lanyard hole so that you can dummy cord it to you or add a decorative lanyard.

The lock up on the Zancudo is great. I had no slippage of the blade in my use. I've got a few scars from blades closing on me before with knives in this price range.
Size comparison to the Kershaw LEEK
The Zancudo is a small lightweight knife that fits perfectly in that EDC role. It will handle most of your day to day task outside of extreme cases. It's also a nice looking knife. Making me believe Blue Ridge Knives has an outstanding quality assurance protocol. This knife is produced in Taiwan, but you wouldn't guess it by its fit and finish. The best part about the Zancudo is that it comes in at $28.99 at BladeHQ. For that price you can buy a few of them and not get depressed when you leave it somewhere.

Check out www.bladehq.com for the Zancudo as well as their other products.

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