Building a Home Defense Shotgun Part 2- Mesa Tactical Side Saddle

Following up with our Home Defense Shotgun Build we installed a Side Saddle. We chose the Mesa Tactical side saddle by way of necessity. For this build we are using the Benelli SuperNova Tactical and Mesa Tactical was the only builder of this compatible accessory. With that its probably one of the best built side saddles on the market. Its extremely tough and offers another feature that we liked.

This side saddle is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum whereas most others on the market are built from cheap plastic. It has been bead blasted with a hard anodized mil-spec non glare finish. After installation it looks like an OEM accessory.
The Benelli SuperNova Tactical does not come with a top Picatinny rail. The Mesa Tactical Side Saddle has an integrated Picatinny and is actually how the whole unit is mounted. I like the rail for aesthetic reasons but you can also add a red dot scope if you would like.

The actual shell yokes are made from a tough polymer type material with rubber to hold the shells internally. You can get 4, 6, and 8 shell holders. I chose the 6 because its essentially a full reload and I thought the 8 would increase the weight too much.

Why do you need a side saddle? Well I don't think its a need, however it is a force multiplier. You can attain shells quickly when something goes bump in the night. It also is beneficial if you have your gun loaded with 00 buck and have slugs in the shell carrier. So you can easily change if need be (I'll go over this in a later video). The side saddle hold shells right at your hand area for quick access. Unlike bandoleers or elastic shell holders that are made from soft materials, and making shells difficult to retrieve. You want all the advantages when your facing an armed opponent.

This model retailed for $100. You can get far less expensive models but you will sacrifice with durability. I'll post a few links of varying models below. Also check out our video's throughout the build process.

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