Ben's Backwoods Bandanet Survival Bandana

Worn as a traditional head covering
I think we can all agree that a bandana is a mainstay in most folks kits. They have hundreds of uses. The folks at Ben's Backwoods have added to the multi-functionality in their Bandanet Survival Bandana. They have been using and refining this creation for the past few years and is now available to the public.

Many in military days would wear the cravats (OD green triangular bandages) as head coverings. The Bandanet comes in OD green for those that enjoy that color (like myself).
It comes in the standard size bandana size but has a black no-see-um netting stitched to one side. All materials are made in the U.S.A.
Deployed as a mosquito headnet
The no-see-um netting allows the Bandanet to be used as a mosquito headnet dressing when flipped inside out and worn. I suggest wearing a hat underneath so the net stays off your face. This is typical with most all mosquito headnets. It offers excellent coverage and in my area its pretty essential with the hoards of mosquito's we have. Especially with the West Nile Virus creeping around.

Outside of use as a headnet it also can be stuffed with a fleece and act as a pillow. Eliminating an extra piece of gear when your out in the field. Another function is to be used as a bag to store wild edibles found out in the field. A use for tactical conditions is as a face veil; especially for snipers. Not to mention all the other uses for a typical bandana.

This is a fantastic item for a bug out bag or to carry with your normal gear for outdoor excursions. The Bandanet comes in at $11.98. Check them out at Ben's Backwoods and let us know what you think.

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