Sagewood Gear - SURVIVE! Knives GSO-4.1 Scout Carry Sheath

If you frequent our website, you know that I'm a major fan of scout carry sheaths. If your unfamiliar with the term "scout carry"; its basically carrying the knife horizontally in the small of your back. It's a very comfortable method of carry and minimizes the weight over traditional sheaths. Making it almost unnoticeable when carried. It's especially beneficial when carrying a pistol on your side.
In the past few months I've become pretty fond of SURVIVE! Knives GSO-4.1 and carry it daily. I went on the search for scout carry sheath for it and came across the fine folks at Sagewood Gear. Sagewood Gear produces custom sheaths for a few different popular knife models. I was happy to see they had a scout carry design for the GSO-4.1. When placing the order you have a few options to choose from. Things like leather color, style of carry, ferro rod insert, and so on. Giving you the ability to customize the sheath to your liking. What I appreciated more than that- is these sheaths are extremely affordable considering the high prices from some other sheath makers. The sheath I ordered was pretty standard and came in at $89.95. A fair price for the craftsmanship placed into the sheath.
The hand stitched sheath comes with two retention straps with dual snaps to maintain position on your belt. You have the ability to tighten or loosen the straps depending on your overall comfort and choice. I kept mine snug with a little bit of give. So that if I sat down the sheath will move instead of bunching my belt up or pulling my pants down. The sheath comes with additional screws and an Allen wrench to change it from right to left draw. Making it universal among varying users. It also allows you to carry it in a cross draw carry on your front hip area.
There is a kydex piece around the top section of the sheath with a thumb stud for ease of removal. You can see me using this feature in the photo above. This sheath has a PRS (Pivoting Retention Strap) System. This feature allows the retention strap to rotate out of the cutting path of the blade when being inserted or removed.

The build quality of this sheath is rugged. I've been wearing almost daily for over a month. I've noticed no problems with any of the features or any degradation of stitching or fastening. The sheath is good looking and built from 10oz Herman Oak Leather. You can tell this sheath is meant to be used and abused with its water repellent finish.
Even though this sheath is designed for scout carry it is also PALS webbing compatible. When I'm trekking, I'll throw it on my pack until I get to my destination. At that point it will go back to its designated spot on my belt.

Overall I couldn't be happier with the quality and build of this sheath. I've always been an advocate for high quality sheaths. Knives tend to be the most important tool in your survival kit. They need to be secured by a sheath you can trust. I also tend to like leather because its quiet (noise discipline and all). Sagewood Gear impressed me with this sheath and were extremely professional and courteous in our transaction. The only thing I wish- is that I had sprung for the firesteel loop with one of their custom firesteel's. Its always good to have the ability to create fire with you at all times. What better place than to have it with your knife.

I encourage you guys to check this sheath out as well as their other products at I'm sure they will have something for you.


  1. Hi,

    If you can, have a look at for leather sheaths in scout carry. Their prices are very reasonable and the quality very close to Hedgehog leatherworks (they actually license and use one of their system the Rapid Release Strap).

    Check it out and let us know what you think of it.


    1. We actually have a review of the skystorm leather sheaths on our site already. Check it out!

  2. i checked your skystorm leather sheaths. Its looking good

  3. Brian at Sagewood Gear also offers an adapter for $19.95 that is used to convert the Scout sheath to Vertical Carry (Standard Belt Loop and/or Dangler),

    The adapter is made from .125", laser-cut kydex with a matching leather belt loop.

    It's not listed with all the sheaths on his website, but he'll sew in a leg tie D-ring for $5 if you're interested.


  4. A really nice sheath it seams. Is that the Light Brown or Dark Brown leather?


  5. This question is a bit out of topic, but what kind of clasp are you using on your paracord bracelet? I don't like those plastic buckles.

  6. Hi. So what will it cost for the knife and sheath? Do love the combo. Do you sell them?