Lockpick Guns

Lockpicking can be a difficult skill for some to learn. You may not have the time or patience to spend the dirt time gaining the technique needed to bypass locks. Others have also faced this problem and came up with a solution to defeat the learning curve.

I'm talking about Lockpick Guns. There are a ton of varieties on the market from traditional "snap guns" to high-tech motorized versions. Today we will be discussing the traditional snap gun style.

This particular model was developed to aid Law Enforcement Officers to bypass locks to do welfare checks or enter into buildings to serve high risk warrants covertly. Police Departments didn't have the time or resources to train every LEO in lockpicking techniques and the snap gun was used because it required little training.

I had known how to pick locks for years prior to ever using a snap gun. I honestly didn't believe they were effective. I was wrong! They work incredibly well and make quick work of most locks.

How it works
Unlike conventional picking where you pick or rake individual pins; a lockpick guns use a "snapping" action striking all the pins at once. When all the pins are struck it drives them into the shear line. It may take multiple snaps but is still relatively quick.

Striking speed of the gun is adjustable by rotating a wheel at the rear of the gun. You may or may not have to do this when bypassing locks. I usually just keep it at mid-range and it has worked flawlessly.

This model available through Shomer-Tec comes with a double sided tension wrench and three needle picks. Two of the needles are straight and one is curved. The curved style is for when you need to maneuver around a door knob or anything obstructing you from going straight in.

This is an excellent picking tool to beat the learning curve. Check out our video below showing it in action:


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