Schrade Titanium Keychain Pry Tool

Lately I've seen a increase in popularity among these small prybar/multi-tools. I've seen ones from a few popular manufactures as well as some customs going for over $100. While I couldn't see bringing myself to spending that sort of cash, I chose to go with one from Schrade to test out.

This is the Schrade Titanium Keychain Pry Tool. I wasn't sure how much utility I would get out of such a small tool. I was surprised after carrying it around for a few weeks. Being that it was built from titanium and a length of only 3.25" I barely noticed I had it most of the time.

This tool has the following features:

  • Seatbelt Cutter
  • Bottle Opener
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Scraper end
  • Pry tip
  • Wrench driver (1/4"-1/2")
  • Bit driver
  • Lanyard hole
Being built from titanium this tool will stand up to hard use. I've used most functions of the tool on a day to day basis. I did some light prying without any damage to the tip. Making this an excellent companion to your EDC blade; to keep you from prying anything with your knife. There were even a few times that I used it as a screwdriver. Keeping me from having to dig out a real one or using my multi-tool. 
The bit driver end will accept most standard bits and the design provides enough torque to ensure a good screw set. Not only does it function as a great utility tool but also could aid in a self-rescue with the seat belt cutter. While I didn't cut through any seat belts during my testing; I did run it through paper, paracord, and cardboard boxes. It sliced through nicely leaving me with no doubt it would do the job if you needed it too. 

Aesthetically the tool has a pretty cool design as well as a nice stonewashed finish. I think this would make a great everyday carry item to ride in your pocket. If nothing else it will save your blade from doing anything you shouldn't be doing with it. It also makes one awesome bottle opener for your keychain. 

Get yours below:

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