Lock Shims

We've shown how to shim handcuffs in the past with various commercial shims. This technique can also be applied to padlocks and combination locks. These shims are specifically designed to bypass the padlock mechanism. You can leave your picks in the case since this is an extremely fast technique.

These shims slip in between the locking mechanism and the shackle. You will first need to figure out if the padlock is single or double locked. Most all combination locks are single where key opening padlocks tend to be double locked. Single locked yo will use only one shim, whereas double locked will use two shims.
The shims will be inserted on the inside gap where the shackle inserts into the holes in the lock (as seen above).  Because the shims are made of such thin steel they will slide in between the locking mechanism and shackle. Once completely inserted you will push down on the shackle and the lock will be disengaged.

This is just another technique that can be added to your Urban Survival/Escape and Evasion tool box.

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