Mechanix M-Pact Gloves

Whether your fighting in the mountains of Afghanistan or tending to your yard; nothing beats a good pair of gloves. I've been a fan of Mechanix for about 8 years now. I was first introduced to them by my Uncle who gave me a pair of the Original's and they quickly became go-to gloves. At that time they had traditional colors- mine at that time being black. Since then they have answered the call and have been producing a "Covert" line that features military colors.
M-Pact (Left); Original (Right)
I had used the Original Covert Glove for years and love them. However they do lack a certain amount of protection. Mechanix came out with the M-Pact's that have some upgraded features. I've had a few months to test them out and will go over what I've found below.

The M-Pact's pretty much have the same basic design as the Original's with rubber along the knuckles, reinforced finger tips, and extra padding in the palm area. These improvements also added to the durability of the glove.

Across the top of the glove is a padded rough rubber section on the index finger knuckle. I believe since this would most likely be the knuckle that would receive the most impact. The other knuckles have a rubber protection area that runs along all the fingers except for the index finger and thumb.

I was a little worried with all the extra elements that the glove would not fit with the same snugness that I had with the Original. Surprisingly the fit was comfortable and snug with a good amount of flex. I wear a size Large(10) and it was true to size.

In the past, the Original gloves would usually "blow-out" in the trigger finger area. The M-Pact's have a rubber reinforced index and thumb tips. A great thing for intensive working or when handling sharp objects. I did have problem with using them as shooting gloves. Since it led to my trigger finger being desensitized. This rubber is also across the "callus" area of the palm. I think this should be standard on all Mechanix gloves. There is also a padded area in the heel section of the palm.

Overall I love the M-Pact as a tough glove that begs to be worked. It wouldn't be my first choice as a shooting glove. Just because my loss of dexterity. It could be that I'm just used to gloves without this level of protection and may be something I can train myself to use. If you have experience with this or any other Mechanix products, please let us know below.

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  1. I got those with 4x material - very nice gloves.

  2. I have the MPACT gloves, so far very nice, cept they're red.