Haze Pro Smoke Grenade by Shomer-Tec

I've always enjoyed playing with smoke grenades. From my childhood days of firework grade smoke bombs to using real-deal smoke grenades in the military. Since we can't get our hands on mil-spec smoke grenades and the fireworks smoke bombs just don't cut it, we looked for something else to fit the bill. Our search led to the Haze Pro Professional Smoke Grenade from Shomer-Tec.
This is a non-HAZMAT/non-explosive smoke grenade. It is activated by a wick with a 10 second burn time. The Haze Pro produces a grayish white smoke with a burn time of around 2 minutes. When lit, smoke comes rolling from both ends.
I was blown away by the amount of smoke the Haze Pro put out. Shomer-Tec states on their website that it produces 40,000 cubic feet of smoke.

The uses for this product are endless. Using it for a diversion in an Escape and Evasion situation, a distraction to an opposing force, a smoke screen, or as a signal to rescuers.

This product can be purchased HERE

Check out our video review and see the Haze Pro in action

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