EDC/Pocket Dump Contest

Ok Guys its about that time again. Last year our contest was based on Personal Survival kits and it had an awesome assortment of prizes for the winner.

This year the prize package will be epic and we will divulge a little bit at a time to make it interesting. This years contest will evolve around an EDC Pocket Dump. Basically your everyday carry that can fit in your pockets or on your person without the use of a bag or pack to carry them.

Heres the rules:

  • Everyday Carry Pocket Dump gear
  • No packs or bags
  • Submit 1(one) photo of your EDC. 
  • List a description of items
  • Summary of your set-up (why you carry what you do)
  • 1 Entry per contestant
  • Eligible to Members and Non-Members. Being a Member is a Force-multiplier
  • Contest will run from July 15th-July 31st. Feel free to submit earlier
  • Will be judged by the Black Scout Team
Email entries to: jack@blackscoutsurvival.com

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