EDC Entry #6

This submission comes from Brian D.:

So here's what I carry everyday or at least 95% of the time (i.e no firearms at work).

-Iphone 4 in Magpul Executive Case

-Watch: Timex Ironman with velcro watch band

-Paracord Bracelet with quick release knot, approximately 16' of cord.  (so many uses for paracord and really easy to carry this way)

-Sunglasses: ESS CDI Sunglasses/Safety Glass

-Firearm:  Kahr CM9 with extra mag in a Condition Orange Concealment IWB Kydex holster and Horizontal Mag Carrier.  Weapon loaded with Hornady Critical Duty 135gr 9mm.

Light:   I always carry one of these two lights, but not both.  Depending on what I'm wearing I'll carry either my Surefire E2DL Defender equipped with an LX2 pocket clip or my Nitcore EX10, both 200 lumens.

Utility Cutting/Tools:  Black Leatherman Wave with pocket clip for everyday utility cutting needs or for the various other tools that it offers. Has grip tape on the pocket clip and the side for assistance in pulling from right front pocket.

Defensive Knife:  Spyderco Resilience Folding Knife.  Has a razor sharp edge and is not used to day to day tasks.  It remains extremely sharp for one use only.  Clip and body has grip tape patches for assistance in pulling from pocket.  This is worn in my right back pocket next to the wallet.

Key Chain: Begins with a 2" A&P Key ring cable from County Comm to hold everything together.  Includes the necessary keys for vehicles, home work etc.  Have added a Micro Wedgy pry bar, plastic handcuff key and Streamlight Nano LED light.

Wallet:  The wallet is from Spec Ops and is the T.H.E. Wallet Jr.  I chose this wallet because it not only carries the normal essentials like money, 4 quarters, credit cards, ID and CCW, but it also has room to carry a few extra things too.  The extra items that I carry is:   2' Duct tape wrapped around an old credit card, a book of matches, 1 razor blade still in the cardboard pocket, a tiny vial containing 5 Potable Aqua tablets, 6' of 50lb monofilament fishing line(not necessarily for fishing but for a very light weight cordage) , 2 bandaids, 1 alcohol prep,  and 1 2"x3" gauze.  All of these items fit nicely in a heavy duty 2"x3" zip lock pouch to protect from getting wet.  The whole pouch fits in the money compartment on the wallet and adds very little bulk to the wallet.  Also included in the wallet is a Bogota Entry Toolset, bundled together with a spring from an old ball point pen.

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