EDC Entry #15

This entry is from Eric R.:

From bottom left:

-          American Flag Hoorag
-          County Comm ACU bandana
-          Casio DW-290
-          RE Factor Tactical Operator Band
-          Key Chain with Cammenga  American Made wrist compass, Waterproof Delrin capsule for money storage, Photon Micro-light II & lanyard, Obstructures Pry tool,  V-Cutter, Keys, Cybernetic Research Labs Whistle, Blood Type Marker, Library Card Fob, CVS Fob
-          Gene Malkoff 400 lumen Flashlight-one of the finest made flashlights (and American!)
-          Kershaw 1760 knife-American Made
-          Obstructures Aluminum Wallet with built in bottle opener-American Made
-          County Comm Mini organizer containing:  Celox, Face Masks, Assorted bandages-including severe bleeding bandages, alcohol wipes, Moleskin, Neosporin, pain medication packs, water purification tablets, water bag, CPR Face mask, earplugs, flat goggles, latex gloves, space blanket, and lip balm, 800 mgs of Ibuprofen in metal tin and spare glasses.
-          Spec Ops Green Mini organizer containing:  Fine/Ultra-Fine Sharpie, Shomer-tec Ventilator,  SOG Power Assist Multi-tool,  Mirror signaling, Mirror Back Angle, Sheet Utility Survival (8 times thicker than Aluminum Foil-for cooking), Bic lighter,  compass,  Firesteel.com Mab Slab Fire Starter, Cybernetic Research Labs Tactical pen (screw –in window breaker and two additional screw-ins: Stylus and Hex Tool-Made in Arizona), County Comm Torqkey screw-driver, Flipo 120 DB security alarm device (used as a distraction device during social chaos).

This set-up works well for me after dealing with:  911 Terrorist attacks, the 2003 Blackout, the 2010 Snowstorm and now two major Hurricanes in the last two years.  It sure is grand living in New York City!
The two well stocked mini organizers are carried in my Tru spec cargo pants (my normal wear) in the leg -pockets.  The key ring is carried in my right pants pocket, the Kershaw in a special knife pocket, the wallet in my left hand pocket with flashlight, bandanas in my rear pockets, watch and operator band are worn on my wrists. 
I live by: “One is none and two is one” and “Better to have it and not use it than need it and not have it”.  It has worked for me so far even though it is a pain to carry so much at times. 
I also try to include a great deal of American Made products in my EDC arsenal.  Luckily, I wear a Boxer American Made Tactical belt to keep my pants from falling to my knees and can be used as a tourniquet.

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