Fenix PD32

Recently I was in the market for a multi-function EDC flashlight. I've used Surefire's for years but wanted to see what some other manufacturers had to offer. Surefire other than being super tough- lacked some qualities that I wanted from a flashlight. I wanted a strong LED (300 lumens+), small, tough, and with multi-function capabilities. My previous Surefire's only had a low and a high beam and I wanted more than that. Being a survivalist- I try to carry the least amount of equipment that I can. I want tools that can aid me in a few different ways.

I came across the Fenix brand and I had heard good things about them. I also liked the fact they were cheaper than most Surefire's and had more to offer. After spending weeks doing research on various models, I chose the PD32.

The PD32 is a relatively new model and it has a ton of features I'll go over below:

  • high output of 315 lumens
  • tactical tail switch
  • 4 light modes- low, medium, high, and blinding
  • 1 retina burning strobe mode
  • 1 S.O.S. signaling mode
  • uses 2 CR123 batteries
  • 5 inch aircraft aluminum body 
  • anodized black tactical finish
  • pocket clip
  • double glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  • CREE LED bulb
I've been using the PD32 for a few months and it's easily the best flashlight I've owned. I've had the same batteries that came with the flashlight (and I use it daily without notice of diminishing battery life). I've dropped it numerous times with no effect to the light. 

The different modes allow you to conserve battery life when low lighting is needed or when you don't want to give away your position when checking the map. Flashlights can be used as self-defense weapons and this one is no different. The strobe can blind an assailant and the flashlight can be used as an impact weapon with its crenelated bezel. You can eliminate the need to carry a signaling strobe by way of the S.O.S. mode on the flashlight, another reason to choose multi-purpose tools when selecting your gear. 

The only problem I have with the PD32 is the lack of a red filtered lens. I think they should come standard with all tactical flashlights. I also searched the Fenix website to see if I could purchase a lens and it seems they offer them for all their flashlights except the PD32 at the moment. 

I suggest if your looking for a good EDC light or one for your survival kit check out the PD32.

Here is the link to the lowest price I could find on the web:

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  1. I really like fenix flashlights as well. the best flashlights are always LED. No more incandescent.