The Ultimate Sacrifice

As Memorial Day starts to wind down, I'd like to take a minute and reiterate what this holiday is about. Most people had the day off and went to the lake, beach, or a BBQ. With little thought other than they had they day off. Some may have mentioned it in between their events of the day, others may not have. Some attended memorial services and some may be grieving the loss of a loved one that recently gave their life in defense of our country. Either way, we were able to enjoy our day because warrior's selflessly gave their life to defend that freedom.  They did it not to become rich, famous, or for themselves. They served our country because they believed in what this country stands for and the folks that live in it. It's a sobering thought when you really put it into perspective.

I can't express my gratitude to these brave warriors sacrifice. Let's not only remember them on this day, but everyday.

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