Escape/Travel Belt Review

Escape and Evasion tools don't do you any good if they are located by your captors. Hiding them on items that can or will be removed (i.e. watches, paracord bracelets, and hats) is bad practice.

Shomer-tec developed a way to keep them discreet and unnoticeable to about anyone. It's known as the Escape/Travel Belt and retails for $59.00.

The belt comes in black and is constructed of a nylon webbing with padding for comfort. It's a cross between a military riggers belt and a backpacking belt seen at most outdoor retailers. It's also totally non-metallic, so it will pass any metal detecting equipment.

The belt comes with a few pre-deployed survival tools hidden inside with the capability to add more.
One of the included tools is a ceramic razor blade. It is mounted inside the belt buckle. A kevlar lanyard makes it easier to retrieve if you happened to be restrained. Ceramic razor blades can be used to slice through bindings such as duct tape, rope, and zip-ties.
On the other side of the buckle is a non-metallic handcuff key. In the case you are restrained from the front with handcuffs.
At the rear of the belt is another set of tools. There is another non-metallic handcuff key with a kevlar lanyard. This makes for quick release when handcuffed from the rear. I will do a video soon demonstrating this. Another stashed tool is 4.5 feet of kevlar cord. This can be used to cut through a variety of bindings in the friction saw method. Check out our YouTube channel for a demonstration of the friction saw cutting through flex-cuffs.
The belt also has a variety of elastic pockets to conceal pretty much anything you want within size constraints. Things like money, lock picks, and fire making supplies would be my recommendation.

The Escape/Travel belt would be a great piece of gear for those traveling abroad or for the survivalist minded person. Find more information at Shomer-tec.

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