Peloza Leather Custom Sheath's

Lately I've become rather unimpressed with stock sheaths being offered and some of them on higher priced knives. It seems that companies are starting to "skimp" on materials and overall design of their knives. To me, sheaths are an important component to a knife system. Just like if you were to buy a cheap pistol holster that leads to discomfort or interferes with you drawing your weapon. A knife sheath is no different, especially when we are talking about survival knives. This is your carrier and protection to one of you most important tools.

If a knife a purchase comes with a less than desirable sheath I tend to have a custom version made. Kydex has become very popular and easy to acquire. Due to its ease in production anyone can make a simple kydex design and with low material cost; leads to a nice profit margin. I own many kydex sheaths and they have their applications. But I favor leather. It's quite and comfortable. Not to mention its classic look.
In my quest to find a high quality custom sheath, I ran across Peloza Leather. Peloza Leather is a custom sheath builder that has work resembling the characteristics of the older Johnson sheaths. If your unfamiliar with Johnson Sheaths; they were made for the Vietnam Era Randall knives. What makes Peloza Leather even better is that they are a Veteran Owned Company. I encourage all of you to support any Veteran's when you have the chance.
I really appreciate the classic design of this sheath. Their sheaths truly make knives look much better aesthetically. Just browse their website and you will understand what I'm talking about.

The sheaths are constructed of a solid 9 ounce veg tanned Herman Oak Leather. It has a rich look and feels extremely sturdy. All sheaths are then hand stitched using waxed cord. This waxed cord will prevent any rotting from moisture as I've had some sheaths do in the past. Once completed the sheath is treated with a proprietary blend of oils and waxes to condition the leather.
They've also incorporated solid brass rivets to reinforce the solidity of the sheath. I think this is a nice touch aesthetically as well. If you will notice in the picture above the sheath has a full length welt. Basically this allows for a knife with a large guard and thick blade, so their is a solid connection between the knife and sheath.

Knife retention is made by a single diagonal keeper strap and held secure by a USGI Spec blackened brass lift-the-dot snap. I've seen this lift-the-dot snap used on old military canteen covers. The connection is extremely secure and opening and closing is simple. It also adds a military look to the sheath, which I liked.
Peloza Leather Logo Impression
There are two lashing holes at the bottom of the sheath for securing to your leg and six holes at the top of the sheath. The top six holes can be sued for securing the knife to tactical gear or a pack. It comes pre-threaded with two 4' lengths of USMC coyote brown 550 cord.
Adding to its survival nature the sheath comes equipped with a front pocket, loaded with a Doan Magnesium Firestarter. With most all of my carry knives- I try to incorporate a firestarter carrier on the sheath. If I were to lose the rest of my gear I would still have a method to make fire as well as a cutting tool. I was happy to see that Peloza Leather had the same mentality. If you wish to carry a sharpening stone instead, this pocket will fit a Norton Pocket stone.

Currently Peloza Leather offers sheaths for a few popular knives and are being sold on ebay. Just follow the link from their website and it will take you to their ebay store. Click HERE

Again, the rugged build of this sheath makes it capable to endure some pretty hard use. I can't say enough how impressed I was with the work. The quality and craftsmanship are phenomenal. I haven't seen any other custom sheaths of this style offered on the web. Especially from a 100% American made and Veteran built business. If your in the market to upgrade from your stock sheath I encourage you to check them out.