How to Carry a Knife: The Neck Knife

Doug Ritter Neck Knife
Following on with our "How to carry a Knife" Series- today we will be discussing the Neck Knife Carry. The neck knife carry has it's pro's and con's and we will go over some of those.

Typically for neck knife carry; you will need a knife that has a blade of 3" or less. Larger knives can become unwieldy and uncomfortable. I have seen some carry a Mora knife with a longer blade but this has a lot to do with the lightweight build of those knives.
RAT-3 in Neck Knife Mode

Neck knives can be suspended from paracord or a beaded Dog-Tag style chain. The benefit of the beaded chain is that it can be broken to prevent choking.

I do suggest carrying a knife in the handle down position for quick access. With the handle down carry, you will need a secure sheath fit to prevent loss or injury to yourself.

The foremost benefit to this style of carry is that it can be concealed. Especially when a belt carry option is not feasible. Such as in some public places or times when your not wearing a belt (i.e. waterborne activities/wearing swim trunks or PT/running).  This will allow you to carry a fixed blade knife that is much durable than a folder.

There are many neck knives on the market built for this method of carry. Recently we did a video with Chance Sanders (spokesperson for Mission Knives) and showed us a few of their titanium models. I really liked their designs and with them using titanium as the knife steel; making it very unnoticeable for neck knife carry.

I've also attached a link to the Doug Ritter RSK featured above:

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