How to Carry a Knife: Commando Carry

Over the next few months we are going to do a series of articles on knife carrying options. Today we are going to discuss what I like to call the "Commando Carry". This is a method commonly used by ground troops or military pilots. It is highly favored by Marines and that was my first time being exposed to this form of carry. While serving I also carried my knife in the Commando Carry.
U.S. Marine with Ka-bar in the
Commando Carry method

Carrying a knife in the Commando Carry fashion is basically affixing the knife upside down to a tac-vest, LBE, or pack straps. This leaves the handle in the down-to-the-ground position. Typically on the non-firing shoulder. Being that its the non-firing shoulder this allows the user's dominate hand to access the knife quickly from across the body.

There's a few reasons why this method is beneficial:

  • Keeps the knife in an easy access position
  • Its not in the way when sitting; or getting in and out of a vehicle
  • Allows for storage of other items around the waist, i.e. handgun
  • Being on the shoulder- one less thing flopping around when moving for noise discipline in tactical situations
  • Swift access to the knife when engaging into hand-to-hand combat

Don't think this carrying method is only limited to tactical situations. I've seen a lot of Civilian backpacker's utilize the Commando Carry; many carry their knives affixed upside down on the pack strap since most packs have waist belts. The waist belt makes the traditional belt carry of knife uncomfortable.  

We will discuss a plethora of carry options over the next few months. Giving the pro's, con's, and ideas behind them. 

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