Q Branch Gifts, for would-be Bonds: Black Scout mention in Shortlist Magazine

Shortlist is a London based Men's lifestyle magazine. We were recently contacted to take part in their most recent issue #265.
They happened to see our review of the Titanium Escape Ring and asked us to do some photography work for this issue released on March 14, 2013. The Titanium Escape Ring was developed by Shomer-Tec. Their website should have been listed, so if your visiting us and are wanting the Titanium Escape Ring, head over to Shomer-Tec and check it out as well as some of their other gear.

The section called "Q branch gifts, for would-be Bonds" features a few Bond-worthy products:

Indestructible Hip Flask- www.themacallan.com

Titanium Escape Ring- www.shomer-tec.com

Anti-Handcuff  Cuff Links- www.sparrowslockpicks.com

Tie-clip Camera- www.gadget.brando.com

We were more than happy to take part in this and appreciate the mention. Check out Shortlist for other cool guy stuff at www.shortlist.com.

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