Pen Cap Handcuff Key

We talked about the release of this Pen Cap Handcuff Key a few weeks ago. We were able to get our hands on a prototype version of it and its pretty slick to say the least.

Its a hidden-in-plain-sight Escape and Evasion tool, that will definitely go unnoticed. Unless you know what your looking for.
The cap fits your standard "stick" type pens. I used the generic Bic style and it worked quite well. It has a very snug fit and is black in color. I'm not certain if they will offer other color options in the future. I think black would be the best bet seeing that its harder to notice the details of the pen cap.
Basically it's a handcuff key in the clip section of the pen cap. I used it on my personal cuffs and it worked just as good as a standard handcuff key.

I like the concept. A pen is a very non-threatening item that would most likely be over looked in an initial search. If worse came to worse; you could cut the handcuff key clip section and hide it on your person.

The Pen Cap Handcuff Key retails for $9.00 and are available at Shomer-Tec.

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