Habilis Bushtools fireRod

hacksaw blade not included w/ the kit
Knives and fire making stuff is some of the most sought after survival gear by far. Survivalist tend to gravitate toward these items.

This has to be one of the sweetest firesteel's I've seen in awhile. I received this one from Sean at Edgework Knife & Supply while visiting Frederick, MD during Christmas. If your ever in that area, do yourself a favor and visit the shop.

If you read "Our Favorite Gear of 2012" article you seen this one before. It's a collaboration between Habilis Bushtools and Exotac. It's known as the fireRod; and yes the "R" is supposed to be capitalized.
There are a plethora of firesteel's on the market. There are a few design features that set this firesteel apart. Made of machined aluminum, the handle features a water tight storage compartment. Keeping the contents dry by way of an O-Ring. A few companies have a storage compartment handle like in the photo above. However, the fireRod has a smaller compartment that allows for storage of tinder, water purification tabs, or a small fishing kit. A single Tinder Quik tab fits perfectly. It can be had in orange (shown here), olive drab, black, or gunmetal.

The cap section features a lanyard hole to attach a bungee for a ferro rod loop or a hacksaw blade to be used as a striker.
One of the best features of the fireRod is the threaded removable ferro rod. Basically you won't have to discard the tool once the ferrocerium runs out. The replacement cost of the ferro rod is $9.95 from Exotac.
 Unlike other ferro rod's with storage compartments; the fireRod is designed with a slim profile to be used with most sheath's that have ferro rod loops. As seen above with the Martin Swinkel's Technical Bushcraft Sheath.

As I said above, the fireRod does not come with the hacksaw blade shown in the photo's or a striker. It's designed to be used with a sheath. You can use your knife as the striker. It does come with a black nylon lanyard. Since it's designed to be used with a sheath, I would like to see a bungee type cord instead of the nylon lanyard. This would better secure the fireRod in a firesteel loop.

In use, the fireRod throws sparks quite well and the knurled handle feels great in the hand. Overall I like the product and it's aesthetics. Ferro rods always work better when you have tinder. With the fireRod, you will always have tinder with you.

The fireRod retails for $24.95. Check it out at Habilis Bushtools.


  1. Nice fire rod! i like the orange, it will be easier to find if you drop it. Preppers tip, you can use dryer lint for your tinder. Plus, it is free!

    1. I too like the orange more so than the other colors offered for that reason. I've been known to use lint many times in the past. It can also be used with petroleum jelly like cotton balls to help make it a bit more water resistant.