DIY: GORUCK Hydration Hose Retainer

We recently did a review of the GORUCK GR1 here on  Black Scout. We were thoroughly pleased with the pack. The only "problem" we had with the GR1 was that it did not have a hydration bladder hose retainer. Since the ruck has a dedicated hydration bladder pocket we felt it should have included a way to secure a floppy hydration hose.
Equipment needed
My dad always told me to not complain about something that I did not have a solution for. So I came up with a simple solution to control that aggravating wandering hose. This is a kinda no-brainer solution, but I haven't seen anyone else doing this so I thought I would share with you guys.

All you will need is a 6-8" piece of 550 cord and a cord lock. You can match the 550 cord and cord lock color to your ruck if you so desire.
Just slide the 550 cord through the MOLLE loops on the ruck strap at the desired height. You will then slide the cord lock on the 550 cord and tie a knot (I suggest this so you don't lose the cord lock). If you wish, you can cut the 550 cord to your desired length.

You could just use 550 cord, however I like the idea of adjusting the cord lock to keep a tighter hold on the hose. The 550 cord also allows for better freedom of movement than those plastic aftermarket retainers I've seen.

This will also work on other pack/rucks that have attachment points on the straps. For those that want to add a multi-purpose system can purchase one of the LED Cord Locks seen below.


  1. A slightly more elegent solution might be to use an ITW Web Dominator as retention for the hydration hose. Check this out to give you a visual on how it would work:

    1. Good tip. I like the look of those. I'll have to check them out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Another idea on this same concept is to use elastic shock cord with a cord lock instead of 550 cord. I made up about a half-dozen of these in various lengths and they are ideal for just about anything, especially securing loose cord/webbing as in tent guy lines, 550 cord bundles, extra webbing on packs, etc.

    They work exactly like the Web Dominator but cheaper and more universal.

    Excellent site, BTW.

    1. Thanks Jason. That's a very slick idea and a cheap DIY. I will have to try this. Thanks again